Introducing Social Login

We are thrilled to announce our newest (free!) Joomla! extension, Social Login. Allow your users to connect their Joomla! accounts to social media, giving them a seamless account creation and login process.

What does it do?

This solution lets users link their social media (like Facebook or Google) account to your site. Users can then log in using their social media account on your site. A typical use case for that is Facebook login.

Moreover, it allows new users to register to your site using their social media account. For example, someone can create a user account on your site using their Facebook login. This is faster for the user and easier for you, since the email address of the user has already been verified by the social network.

Why use Social Login on your site?

Simply put: because it's easier for your target audience. Easy for the user = profit for the site. Also, it's free.

In this time and age it's more than likely that most of your users will have a social media account such as Facebook, Google or Twitter. It's also very likely that they are already logged into it constantly. Allowing them to register and / or log into your site with their social media account reduces user friction, making it easier to use your site therefore increasing engagement and, ultimately, revenue.

Click here to download and learn more about Social Login.