06 December 2018 Last updated on 06 December 2018

Beginning January 1, 2019, we will be updating the prices for our annual subscriptions. (See the new price table below.)

This is the first time we’ve raised our subscription prices across the board since 2011, and our products have become much more robust since then! We do this because we want to keep offering you the great software and personal support you are used to, instead of cutting corners to keep costs low.

However, we want to be fair to our existing subscribers who have kept us afloat over the years. (We love you. Thank you.) So, we are also increasing our early renewal discount from 30% to 40% to minimize the effect on your wallet. We think this is the most fair and transparent way to make sure we can keep the lights on without alienating you.


How Things Are Changing:

Single Subscription:

Old price: € 40 (with early renewal discount: € 28)
New Price: € 50 (with early renewal discount: € 30)

Essentials Bundle:

(for Joomla or WordPress)

Old price: € 60 (with early renewal discount: € 42)
New Price: € 75 (with early renewal discount: € 45)

Deluxe Bundle for Joomla:

Old price: € 90 (with early renewal discount: € 63)
New Price: € 110 (with early renewal discount: € 66)


As you can see, for our existing subscribers, if you renew on time or early the increase is only 2-3 Euros per year - less than a cup of coffee in most places! Even this small change makes a big difference for us.

Thank you for your continued support over the years! We are excited about what these changes will allow us to do with Akeeba... and stay tuned, because we will have some amazing things to show you in the new year.