Akeeba Backup 3.1.b3

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Akeeba Backup Core 3.1.b3 and Akeeba Backup Professional 3.1.b3 beta packages.

The installation packages for Akeeba Backup Core and Akeeba Backup Professional version 3.1.b2 (Beta) are now available for download from our new release system.

This is a bugfix release addressing high priority issues in 3.1.b2 released earlier this week, affecting only a small number of hosts and browsers. Most notably, there was a problem with a piece of Javascript code which created conflicts on several browser configuration, causing the backup to keep on initializing forever. This has been removed and the Javascript code in the Backup Now page received an overhaul to make it less resource intensive and compatible with more browsers.

Furthermore, several users reported a database update issue caused by the host not giving adequate permissions to the database. Previously we suggested that you perform an uninstallation and reinstallation of the component. This is no longer necessary under the vast majority of server configurations. The installer will pick up this issue and attempt to work around it.

Our beta releases are thoroughly tested, but may still contain a few minor bugs. If you run across one, please report it on our support forum.

We have also release Akeeba Kickstart 3.1.3, introducing a few medium priority bug fixes and improvements. Most notably, it tries to enforce sane permissions (0755 for directories and 0644 for files) during extraction to ensure that the installer will display correctly after the restoration is over. This is a stable release and can be used on production environments.


The Changelog from this release onwards will be available only in our release system. Just click the "Notes" tab when viewing the file listing of a release for the detailed changelog of that release.