You can request a quote and / or an invoice in advance of your payment.

Typically this is necessary if you work in an organization which does not have a company credit card and / or requires all software purchases to be made against an invoice via bank / wire transfer.

Please be advised that in this case the prices and pricing policy posted on our site's Subscribe page does not apply. The prices and the pricing policy listed there are only valid for self-service, fully automated payments initiated by the client.

Product pricing

The following pricing applies for purchases made against an invoice. The price you pay depends on how many individual products you are purchasing and how long you want your subscription to run. 

All prices below are listed per product, per year. They do not include any sales tax / VAT if applicable:

Volume/ Length

1 Year  2 years  3 years 
 1 Product €150.00  €120.00  €105.00 
 2 Products €120.00  €96.00  €84.00 
 3 or more Products €105.00  €84.00  €73.50 


For example, if you are purchasing a 2 year subscription for Akeeba Backup Professional for Joomla and Admin Tools Professional for Joomla you will pay 2 products x 2 years x 96 Euros / product / year i.e. 384 Euros (plus VAT / sales tax, if applicable) total.

Information on invoices

You can request your invoice to be issued in a currency other than Euro as long as it's supported by our reseller which handles the transactions. Do note that in that list any currency denoted with an asterisk is not one we can issue invoices in. If you had requested a quote we can only issue an invoice in the same currency and for the same amount as the quote.

When making a payment against an invoice we will not apply any early renewal discounts, cross-product promotion discounts, coupons or other special offers which may be listed on our site, our social media accounts or promotional material.

Invoices can be paid by bank / wire transfer, credit card or PayPal through our reseller, Paddle. We do not accept any other forms of payment, indicatively but not exclusively: cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin), Western Union, cash, gift cards, e-wallet transfers etc.

The terms of payment for invoices are 100% payment within 30 days. In case of invoices issued in a currency other than Euro we request 100% payment within 10 days due to the risk of currency exchange rates.

Bank / wire transfer payments are collated by our reseller, Paddle, approximately once every 7 business days. Please allow another 1-3 business days for us to receive notification from Paddle and activate your subscription.

If you are purchasing a renewal do note that the renewal will start at the expiration date of your previously active subscription or six months prior to the time of payment, whichever comes later. That is to say, if your subscription expired 3 months before you payment then the renewal you purchased will be post-dated to 3 months before the date of payment, matching the expiration date of your previous subscription. If your subscription will still be active for another 3 months at the time of payment then the renewal will start counting 3 months after the date of payment, matching the expiration date of your previous (and already active) subscription.

If you make a bank / wire transfer payment please remember to ask your bank to bear all expenses yourself. If our reseller receives a smaller amount than invoiced they will be contacting you to recover the missing sum which can lead to delays.

We will not activate a subscription / subscription renewal before our reseller notifies us that they have received the full amount. This may lead to service interruption when purchasing a renewal or delays when purchasing a new subscription. Please take that into account when considering when to initiate your purchase process.

Information on quotes

You can request your quote to be issued in a currency other than Euro as long as it's supported by our reseller which handles the transactions. Do note that in that list any currency denoted with an asterisk is not one we can issue quotes in.

The quotes we issue are valid for 40 calendar days from the day of issuance. However, any quotes issued against a currency other than Euro will only be valid for 7 calendar days from the day of issuance due to the risk of currency exchange rates. The time zone applicable is understood to be Asia/Nicosia (Cyprus time).

You cannot make a payment against a quote. The quote is merely informative of the pricing reserved for you for the validity period printed on it. You must request an invoice to be issued before making a payment. The invoice can only be issued or the same currency and amount you were quoted for.

How to request issuing a quote or invoice before payment

If you are interested in receiving a quote and / or invoice before making a payment please use the Pre-sales category in our Contact Us page to send us the following information:

  • The legal name of your organization as you want it appearing on the quote / invoice.
  • Postal address for your organization including street name and number, city, municipality / region, postal code and country.
  • Your organization’s VAT number or anything equivalent.
  • The name and email of the contact person which will be receiving all communication from us.
  • Your desired username. Please give us three alternatives in case your preference is already taken by a different user of our site.
  • Which of our products you are interested in.
  • How many years of service would you like to purchase: 1, 2 or 3.
  • Would you like to be sent a quote first or an invoice directly?

We will get back to you within 1-3 business days.