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#36808 Manage the Backups of many Wordpress Sites in a kind of dashboard?

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Some years ago, I tested many backup solutions for the WordPress sites I care for. There are many tools for backing WordPress up, but Akeeba Backup is the most configurable and flexible. So I have been using it for a long time.

For some of the other tools, there are dashboards (from the tools itself or in management plugins like Mainwp). Unfortunately, there is no way to manage my WordPress backups made with Akeeba in a central point. This would be nice to see if all backups are working and maybe change settings global.

Is there a dashboard planned in the future or an interface for connecting my Akeeba installations with a self programmed tool?

Thanks a lot


Akeeba Staff

There are third party site dashboard services such as and which support Akeeba Backup.

We did try to implement an integration with MainWP but we hit a point where they wouldn't provide us with adequate information to proceed, leading us to abandon that idea.

You can of course implement your own dashboard. We have a public JSON-based API. Its reference implementation is Akeeba Remote CLI. This is what the aforementioned third party services are using. Yes, the API also support changing configuration settings but it can get very complicated very fast trying to implement that. It's best to do the occasional configuration change directly on each site. It can definitely be used to take backups, list backups and download backups.

Moreover, we have full support for WP-CLI which can be indeed accessed remotely. However, we recommend against trying to use the remote WP-CLI connection for taking backups. WP-CLI will try to run the entire backup in a single connection (therefore a single page load, when using the remote connection) which will most likely time out on anything but fairly small sites.

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