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#34779 Update to 7.5.5 and

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Apache 2.4.46 (Win64)
PHP 7.4.15 (and 7.4.16)

Not sure if this error that I have has been solved with the update (the release notes say it solves an update problem if the path isn't: akeebabackupwp

Last week I was using Solo 7.5.4 and trying to doing the update to 7.5.5 failed. The error message I got on screen said: "An error occurred during the download of the update file. Unable to open URL with fopen().

As I had recently updated my installion to PHP 7.4.16 from 7.4.15 I wondered if that was the issue. However, none of my other hosted sites were affected. So I downloaded the file from the link given, and manually unzipped it on my server. The udpate worked and Solo reported it was now v 7.5.5.

This morning there is the update for of Solo, and I got the same error message when trying to do the automated update.

As I had still kept my PHP 7.4.15 folder, I reverted my Apache to use 7.4.15 PHP instead and refreshed the update page on Solo this worked and it installed the update.

I have written a short piece of code (below - I have xxxxx'd out my download ID when pasting the code here) which basically takes the download path and uses fopen to download and save the zip file. My code works perfectly on both PHP 7.4.15 and 7.4.16 - so not sure why I was getting the error in Solo. Maybe it was the error mentioned in the release notes.......


$file = "";

$fh = fopen($file, "r");
$fh2 = fopen("", "w");

while(!feof($fh)) {fwrite($fh2, fgets($fh)); }




Akeeba Staff

I understand that the update page of Solo displayed the download ID in the URL. So I am not going to consider the Download ID not being present.

Solo has a dependency on cURL for its features that have to do with remote file transfers. The updater is using cURL to retrieve the update ZIP file from our server. It does not use fopen().

If cURL doesn't work for you it would mean that it is either not available (in this case there is no available download method and you get an error) or it's compiled against an old version of OpenSSL which does not support the TLS certificates used by CloudFlare, the CDN our site goes through.

You need to contact your host about this.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Thanks for your reply Nicholas.

I only tried fopen() as that was the error message displayed on-screen as you can see from the attachment I sent.

I am hosting on my own local server - I will check through all the path's and environment variables etc. and make sure all is set correctly. I will open another ticket if need be.



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