#15620 – Feature Request: Track Time per Ticket

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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 09:49 CDT
 Hello Nicholas,

We're considering adopting your Ticket System, but there's one thing that is missing from making it the perfect match. But don't see it as a request, but as a "suggestion" - we are likely going to adapt it anyway because the alternatives are, for lack of a better word... not very good.

What we'd love to see in a future version of Akeeba Tickets, is the option to track time for each Ticket. This would allow our support staff to record their time in the same environment they're using frequently.

To realize this, you could create a new Tab for each Ticket, E.G Track Time, where you could add the following information:

- Date
- Time Spent
- Comment (E.G "I had to restart the internet because kittens ate the bandwidth")

It would then be possible to add more than one entry (Some clients don't know when to stop).

When the time for billing is near, the Manager could then go to Akeeba Tickets, and look at all the entries, which contain the following information:

- Ticket Number (Ticket ID)
- Client (Joomla User Name)
- Time spent
- Support person who submitted entry (Their Joomla User Name)
- Their Comment.

You could then filter information (Easier said than done) by User, Support Person, etc. etc. and (maybe) export it so it can be passed on to the people of the proper department.

An option to set Time Entries as "Billed" - so that you would only see those you haven't processed before - would also be great.

Is this something you would be interested in adding? I know it is not something you use, personally, but I can imagine that people would want to track time per tickets. In our case, it would fill the gap when a client leaves our PM System nicely.

***The "Please Don't Shoot Me Question***

I am starting to do some coding myself, and I'm interested in trying to create an "example" of this feature but I ran into a problem. I can't find a way to load your ticked ID or the user ID of the person who submitted a ticket. I suppose you can't point me in the proper direction so I could do some hacking? :)
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 11:00 CDT
It's on my to-do list :) I will add that, but given my busy schedule I wouldn't hope for this to be implemented in less than 2-3 months – then again, I might suddenly get time in the weekend, this is the kind of fuzzy planning I have to go by. It goes without saying that you could see the total time (in minutes) spent in each ticket. The only thing I can't pull in a list is the comment for each spent time entry.

Regarding the final question, let me put the crossbow down... OK. It's not that simple to implement. You need to add a time tracking field and a reason field in the #__ats_posts table, a time tracking field in the #__ats_tickets table and modify the front & back views and models. For me it's half a day's work, with testing. I wouldn't recommend that you tried it at home.

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