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At some point it's bound to happen you manage to lock yourself out of your own website.

But don't panic it's a really simple thing to do to unblock yourself.

There are two ways to regain access to your site, Rescue Mode and FTP.

Rescue mode is the easiest option As you can see on this message there is a link to use.

Go to that link and change you at example dot com to your own super user email address.

You will see a confirmation message that an email has been sent to you.

Check your email and then follow the link.

The link is only valid for 15 minutes on the same computer and using the same web browser for security purposes.

This link will let you log in to the administrator backend of your site where you can unblock yourself.

Once you have logged in go to the admintools component here you can see that we are in rescue mode with a big red button to unblock your ip address.

Once that has been successfully done click to end the rescue mode.

Your site is now protected again by admintools.

The second method is using FTP.

To do this you will need an ftp program or perhaps your host's own file manager.

I'm going to use FileZilla.

Once you've connected to your website, go to the plugins folder then select system, and admintools, and admintools again.

Here you will find a file called main.php you should rename this to main dash disable dot php.

that will disable the blocking features of admintools for everybody Now you will be able to go into your website and remove yourself from the block.

Return to our website and once you have the login screen go ahead and login as usual and then go to the admintools component We can now see a big red warning message and a button that will let me unblock my ipaddress.

Go ahead and click that.

We now need to rename that file back to main.php On most hosts you can simply click on this link here.

If for any reason that doesnt work for you you can rename it again using your ftp prgram.

Your site is now working normally blocking all the people doing naughty things but you letting you back in.