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For security and other reasons you may want to restricts access to the admintools component from other users on your website.

By default admintools prevents any user who is not a super user from accessing any of the features.

If they try then they will get a permission denied error such as this.

However you can additionally place restrictions on other super users using the master password function Once you have selected it enter a password that is required before anyone access the admintools component.

When that's done select the features that you want to be protected by this password.

As you can see by default none of them are restricted.

But you can simply select all or individually.

I recommend that you select all.

Once you've done that click save and close.

You can now see that the only way a super user can access admintools is by entering the password.

If you try to select any of the options without entering the password you will be rejected stating that you need to be authorised As soon as you enter the password you can go ahead and use any of the features.

This ensures that you can configure admintools for your website and prevent other super users from making any changes.