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Create a new folder in the htdocs of your local web server and copy the akeeba backup archive into it.

Now you need the kickstart program Kickstart is a standalone program Click download to download the file to your computer.

Her we can see that the kickstart program is a zip file and we need to extract that We can see we now have a new folder with all the kickstart files in.

The only one you actually need is the kickstart.php file and we should copy that to the same folder that we put our backup file in.

Now if we go to our local web development server in our web browser navigate to the folder we just created and then the kickstart.php file As always if you close this message confirm it has found the exact archive we are looking for and ckick start.

The kickstrat program is now extracting all the files in that backup which is exactly what we want.

We don't need to restore the website we only wanted to extract it.

Now that that is done we can quit our browser and go to our file manager.

and now if we navigate into that folder where we put our backup on our local web server we can see that the entire backup has now been extracted and we can navigate through it to find the files we need.