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Credits: Video Training produced by Brian Teeman

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If you want to restore your site to a previous version go to manage backups and then select the backup you wish to restore and click on restore.

Select the Files extraction method this is usually the default “write directly to file” Click to start the restoration.

The backup will now be extracted on to the server do NOT leave this page.

When that has completed you will see this screen.

Do not close this window and click on the Run the site restoration script button A new window will open for you to complete the restoration using the Akeeba Backup Site Restoration Script.

This is a very simple process.

We begin with the required settings.

As you can see, they are all set to yes.

if any are set to No you wont be able to proceed and you need to speak to your web hosts to rectify the errors.

We can now click Next.

If you are restoring to the same database then you can just click next.

If you are restoring to a new database then you should enter the details here.

Click the button to contine to the next step.

We now have the opportunity, if we wish, to change the site name and the web site address In most cases when you are restoring a site you won't need to do this.

There is also the opportunity to change the password and email address of the Super User.

Finally, click Next again.

We’re almost there.

Close this window to return to your web site Click on the Finalise Restoration button You will be logged out and when you log back in your site will have been restored to the previous version.

NOTE restoring on top of your site will NOT remove any files that were added since the last backup.