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If you are rebuilding, recreating or redesigning your website it is very likely that some of the urls will have changed.

For example if I go this website of mine it used to have a url called contact-us but if i go to it now i get I get a 404 error page because the url today on the redesigned website is simply contact.

Obviously its not good for people to keep seeing 404 error pages.

AdminTools provides a utility that lets you automatically redirect those old urls to the correct new location.

You will find this in the tools section and it's called URL redirection.

To create a new redirect click on the new button In the first field where it says existing url this is the url that exists on your current website that you are directing someone to.

In my case it will be that new url contact.

In the field marked new url this is the URL that we wish to redirect people from.

So here I would enter contact-us Because I want everyone who was typing in contact-us to be redirected to contact.

If I now press save changes the url has been saved.

To test this go back to your website and enter in the url that you are expecting people to type and you can see that I typed contact-us and it has been successfully redirected to contact.

You should create new url redirections for all the links that existed on your old site that have now changed on your current site.