Admin Tools – Auto-import configuration

Some larger / busier web agencies tend to have dozens to hundreds of sites which use roughly the same mix of extensions. In these cases a small tweak in the Admin Tools setup of one site usually has to be propagated to every other site in their portfolio. This can be a tedious process.

Admin Tools gives you the option to have a “sync server” of shorts. The idea is that you will have a JSON file with Admin Tools settings in a URL that's publicly accessible. Every so often your sites will check out this URL and import the settings. This URL could be on your web server, a Dropbox account, an S3 bucket and so on.

The JSON file in that URL can be generated by going to Admin Tools' Import/Export Settings page. The idea is that you modify the configuration of one site and export its settings in a JSON file. You can edit that file if necessary. Then upload it to where it can be found using the public URL you've configured on all other sites. Wait for the requisite number of hours to pass and now all your sites have been synced to those settings.

This task type can automate the import of this JSON file. It has only one option.

Automatic import URL

URL pointing to Admin Tools JSON settings that should be imported.


We do not recommend exporting the .htaccess Maker, NginX Conf Maker or Web.config Maker configuration in this context. The configuration for these features includes the domain name and path of the site they were exported from. Applying these settings to a different site will cause loading issues on that site.