Admin Tools – Clean up the temporary directory

Joomla has a temporary directory where Joomla itself and third party extensions can store files needed only for a short period of time, typically for the lifetime of a request. Normally, these files are deleted automatically when they are no longer needed. Sometimes, however, a number of server, network or programming issues may result in the premature termination of the page working on this data, leaving unneeded files behind cluttering your site's disk. For example, if an extension installation fails with a timeout or a PHP fatal error the extracted files of that extension may be left behind.

This task type will remove all files and folders under the temporary directory which have not been updated in the last 60 seconds. This time limit is long enough to allow legitimate long running use cases, such as extension installation, to work without accidentally removing the files they are operating on.

We recommend running this task once a day, during the off-hours of your site.


Before turning this option on make sure that your configured temporary directory IS NOT your site's root or any other directory which contains important files you need to keep, such as Joomla's media, components or plugins directories. Akeeba Ltd carries no responsibility for user errors which result in the deletion of important files and documents.