What it does: Sets the value of a configuration option for an Akeeba Backup profile

Syntax: akeeba:option:set --key=KEY --value=VALUE [--profile=PROFILE] [--force]


This command takes no arguments.



Mandatory. The option key to set.


Mandatory. The value to set the option to.

Integer options must be within the acceptable range returned by akeeba:option:list.

Boolean options accept the values 0, false, no or off for FALSE values and 1, true, yes or on for TRUE values.

Enumerated (enum) options only accept the enumerated keys returned by akeeba:option:list.

Any other option type cannot be set to any value. These are typically hidden values used internally, action buttons or other non-value interface elements listed in the backup engine's options definition (JSON) files so that they are rendered in the Configuration user interface.


Optional. The backup profile to use. Default: 1.


Optional. Some options are "protected" and cannot be normally changed. Specify --force to allow their values to be set anyway.

Exit codes

One of the following exit codes will be set when the command finishes running:


The command completed without an error.


Invalid profile ID.


The specified key does not exist.


The value you have entered is outside the acceptable range.


This is a protected key. You need to specify --force to set it.


Internal error. Cannot set the value.