This documentation page is for Joomla! 3.x

This documentation page does not apply to our software versions for Joomla! 4.0 and later versions. If you are not using Joomla 3 please consult the documentation index to find and read the correct version of the documentation.



This feature is NOT available on Akeeba Ticket System Core. Even though you can view Buckets from the back-end you can not add tickets to a bucket from the front-end.

A few times there is a fairly large amount of clients reporting the same issue in the span of a few hours to a few days. While issuing a standard reply that you are working on a solution is easy to provide, notifying everyone of the available fix is usually very hard and requires keeping a spreadsheet with ticket numbers and URLs. Even if you do that, sending the actual mass reply to all those people is cumbersome and takes a disproportionate amount of time. This is where ticket Buckets come to play.

You can put as many tickets as you want inside a ticket bucket. A reply you send to a bucket will be posted automatically and at the same time to all of the tickets in the bucket. You may also mass-change the status of the tickets in the bucket. When you're done with a bucket you can dispose of (delete) it. In so many words, a ticket bucket allows you to mass reply to tickets.

The first time you create a new Bucket, using the Add button in the Buckets page, you have to enter the following information:


The title of the bucket. This is for your reference.


The default state of all tickets added to the bucket

When editing an existing bucket you will then see two more tabs, the Reply and Tickets. In the Reply tab you can enter a reply and it will be posted to all tickets in the bucket. You can see the tickets in the bucket by clicking on the Tickets tab.

You can add a ticket to a bucket through the ticket page, either in the back-end or the front-end of your site.


Buckets can only be created from the back-end but you can add tickets to them either from the front- or the back-end.