Categories View

These options apply to the main, top–level list of Categories (Categories view). It allso applies at the subcategories area displayed at the top of a page displaying the tickets of a category.

These options can be overridden in the menu item's parameters.

No Categories message

Show a message notifying the user that there are no categories or they do not have the permissions to view any of the existing categories.


Show the title of each category.

Linked titles

Makes the category title a link to the category, i.e. to the page which displays the tickets in that category. It obviously requires setting the Title option above to Show.

Show buttons

Display the View Tickets and New Ticket buttons next to the category's description.

Category description

Show the category description.

Category image

Show the category image. The category image will be shown next to the description; changing the image display requires a template override.


Show the category's tags below the category title, above the description.

Show subcategories

If the category has subcategories, show a tree of the subcategories below the category's description.

Subcategory levels

How many nesting levels of subcategories to display when the Show Subcategories option above is enabled. Use “All” to display all subcategory levels. Using “None” has the same effect as setting Show Subcategories to Hide. It usually makes sense to set this to 1 level.

Show subcategory description

Show the description of each subcategory under its title. Enabling this option may lead to very long, hard to read pages.