The “user” plugins

Akeeba Ticket System


This plugin is NOT available in Akeeba Ticket System Core.

Displayed in the Joomla! Plugin Manager as User - Akeeba Ticket System.

This plugin does two things, either of which can be disabled:

  • Allows users to enter a signature. The signature is displayed with all their posts, at the bottom of each and every post.

  • Allows users to enter additional email addresses for the ticket system. Any e-mails sent by ATS will be copied to these email addresses. Furthermore, tickets and replies can be sent from these email addresses. If an existing user of the site is using one of the provided e-mails then the user with the main email address will take precedence when creating a new ticket or sending a reply.


All users of your site can set up their signature, even if they do not have access to the ticket system. Doing otherwise would require doing N+1 queries to the Joomla permissions tables, where N is the number of Akeeba Ticket System categories. Several of our users have dozens of categories. Therefore these queries would make the profile edit page very slow, frustrating users.