Chapter 6. The modules


Some of the modules are not available in Akeeba Ticket System Core.

Modules can be used to display useful snippets of information in the front- or backend of the site. Akeeba Ticket System includes a number of site and administrator modules to help you display some of its information to your users without them having to visit the component's pages.

Administrator modules

Administrator modules can be used in Joomla's dashboard pages to create information-rich overviews for backend users.

Ticket Graphs

Displayed as: Akeeba Ticket System – Ticket Graphs

This module displays a graph with the number of tickets and posts submitted over the last 30 calendar days in Akeeba Ticket System. It is the same as the graph you see in Akeeba Ticket System's Control Panel page.

The graph data is retrieved asynchronously from your server via AJAX to prevent blocking the display of the dashboard it is placed in.

This module has no options besides the default Joomla module options.

Ticket Stats

Displayed as: Akeeba Ticket System – Ticket Stats

This module displays a compact table with statistics about tickets in the Open, Pending and Closed states and across Public tickets, Private Tickets and their aggregate.


The Pending ticket type includes tickets in the Pending state as well as every custom state. This is intentional. With up to 100 custom ticket states the table could get unwieldy.

Clicking on the headers of the table takes you to the backend Tickets page of Akeeba Ticket System with the type of ticket already preselected in the filters alongside any other filters you may have already applied on that page.

This module has no options besides the default Joomla module options.