Akeeba Ticket System allows you to tag tickets and users.

Keep in mind that Joomla has a global tagging system. This means that all tags on your site are available for all content types be it core content (articles), article categories, contacts, banners, Akeeba Ticket System tickets or users. This is by design. We cannot make it so that only “ticket tags” appear when tagging tickets, for example.

Tagging tickets allows you to keep all related tickets together. You can access all tickets — and any other content types — by clicking on the tag's name in the frontend of your site on any ATS view which shows you a list of tickets or a single ticket. In the backend you can filter by tags and only see those tickets which are tagged with that specific tag.

Tagging users will only display the user tags in the backend and frontend ticket view, in the user information area displayed next to a user's tickets. This can be used to convey information which does not necessarily warrant using a user group such as VIP status or using tags to indicate that some users may have specific requirements when providing support.

Support staff–only tags

As noted above, Joomla has a global tag system. This means that any tickets you use for tickets or users will be publicly visible in the core Joomla tags component. They will also be shown everywhere someone can select a tag, either submitting content (e.g. Editors submitting articles) or filtering content (e.g. Smart Search).

In most cases you want to make sure that the tags you are using for tickets and users are only displayed to Support Staff and are not made available to other users of your site. You can do that from your site's backend.

Go to Components, Tags.

Select the tags you want.

Click on the Actions drop–down and select Batch.

In the Set Access Level drop–down select an access level which only grants access to the Support Staff of your site.

Click on Process.

These tags will now be only visible to your site's support staff.

Handling new tags

If you create new tags by typing them into the tag field yourself — or as the result of migrating from ATS 4 or earlier — you will need to go to the backend of your site and repeat this process for these new tags.

Organising your tags

We strongly recommend using nested tags. Create a top level tag called Ticket Tags and a top level tag called User Tags. Create the respective ticket and user tags under the top level tags. This makes organising your tags much easier than having everything at the top level.