WordPress tools

WordPress Tools

WordPress offers several options to tweak your site, but most of the time they are deep buried inside its documentation and requires you to manually write some PHP code and modify some configuration files.

These steps are extremely error prone: if everything is done correctly, your changes will make effect; on the other side, if anything goes wrong, your site will break.

Admin Tools offers a friendly graphical interface to enable or disable those options.

Update WordPress salts

Update WordPress salts

While logging in, WordPress allows users to set the option Remember me. In this way users won't have to type their passwords over and over.

However this feature as two downsides:

  • if user's cookie are stolen, an attacker can easily access your site

  • if the user is using a shared computer and he forgot to logout, anyone could access to his account

For those reasons, it's good practice from time to time to reset your site salts: this will invalidate ALL your user cookies, forcing them to login again.