Advanced WordPress options

Finally, WordPress has several advanced options, for example specific debug modes or post settings. In this section you can easily switch them on or off using few clicks of your mouse.

Post settings

Post settings

Modify autosave interval (seconds)

When editing a post, WordPress uses Ajax to auto-save revisions to the post as you edit. You may want to increase this setting for longer delays in between auto-saves, or decrease the setting to make sure you never lose changes. The default is 60 seconds.

Post revisions

WordPress, by default, will save unlimited copies of each edit made to a post or page. Here you can disable this feature, set a custom limit to the revision number or revert to the default behavior.

Empty trash

Number of days before WordPress permanently deletes posts, pages, attachments, and comments, from the trash bin. Set it to 0 to disable the trash.

Cleanup Image Edits

By default, WordPress creates a new set of images every time you edit an image and when you restore the original, it leaves all the edits on the server. When this option is set, only one set of image edits are ever created and when you restore the original, the edits are removed from the server.