Database tools

The database is the most important part of our websites. It holds all the data and most configuration options, i.e. everything which makes our site what it is. However, since data is being written to and deleted from the database, the database table are becoming slow or even corrupted. It's the same thing as what happens with hard drives.

On a hard drive you know that you can always defragment it and run chkdisk or fsck (depending on your Operating System). For databases you have to go through a tedious process using a database administration tool, such as phpMyAdmin, to repair and optimize each and every table. Admin Tool's Database Tools are here to automate this tedious process for you!

Repair & Optimise Tables will run the repair and optimisation process on all of your site's tables. If the process hangs for a long time after the first time you use it, run it again. The usual problem is that the a database table is so bloated that PHP times out waiting for your database server to optimise this table.