Akeeba Backup JSON API

Nicholas Dionysopoulos

Akeeba Ltd

Introduction to the API

The Professional (for-a-fee) versions Akeeba Backup for Joomla!, Akeeba Backup for WordPress and Akeeba Solo offer a unified web API which allows you to take, download and manage backups. The API is based on simple HTTP requests accepting and returning JSON-encoded messages. This API is called the Akeeba Backup JSON API.

This documentation is the reference for communicating to our software using this API.

For a real world implementation in PHP please take a look at Akeeba Remote Control CLI. You can also run it with the --verbose switch to see the communications taking place between the client and the server. We believe this is the best interactive demonstration of the API implementation.

If you are a PHP software developer who wants to make an integration with the Akeeba Backup JSON API you can take a look at the reference client library.