Any other Akeeba Backup related question

Make sure that you have followed our documentation and video tutorial instructions. Most likely what you're looking for is either answered there on in our User's Guide.

Another good idea is searching the tickets before posting. With several thousands posts by the Lead Developer alone, the chances of having bumped on a completely new and unknown issue which hasn't been addressed before are infinitely close to zero. Searching takes 5 or so minutes and may lead to immediate results, waiting for a ticket reply will take several hours.


You can use Google to search for an answer very quickly. Go to Google, type a few keywords of your problem and append to them. This will instruct Google to return results only from our site.

If all else fails and you are a subscriber, please post to our ticket system making sure that you include the following information:

  • Akeeba Backup version number ("latest release" is not a version number) you are using or which was used to create the backup archive

  • If you have a backup issue, ZIP and attach the backup log file. If the ZIP file is bigger than 2MB please upload your file to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive and paste a share link to that file.

  • Exact Joomla! / WordPress version number. Again, "latest" is not a version number. Something like 1.5.22 or 4.9.8 is.

  • PHP version number

  • MySQL version number

  • Which hosting company you are using. Some hosts have known issues and workarounds; telling us may help us help you much faster.

  • If you can't explain the problem clearly (as a test, ask someone else to read it and ask them what they understood) post one or more screenshots of the problem. A picture is worth 1000 words and may make the difference in solving your problem.