The extrafiles section

Required: No; this section is optional

Scope: This section allows you to extract an arbitrary number of ZIP and/or JPA archives into arbitrary locations under the newly installed web site's root directory. This might be useful for branding purposes (e.g. supplying a different custom theme for each new site).

If you do not wish to make use of this feature, you should not include this section at all in your XML file.

This section can consist of any number of subsections. Each subsection specifies the extraction details of exactly one ZIP file into the newly restored site. Each archive is extracted keeping its directory structure. This means that if you have directories and subdirectories inside the archive, this directory structure will be kept intact, just like most archiver utilities would do when extracting an archive.

Each subsection has the following keys:


The absolute or relative (to the current working directory) path to the ZIP archive.


Optional. Where to extract the files. This is a path relative to the site's root, so a value of images/stories will extract the contents of the archive inside the stories subdirectory of the images directory inside the site's root. If omitted, or left blank, the site's root is assumed.

An extrafiles section with two files, extracted to two different base directories, will look like this

  # This extracts to the site's root
  # This extracts to the folder images/articles
    to: images/articles