The siteInfo section

Required: Yes; this section must be present!

Scope: This is the section where the basic information regarding the site is defined. It tells UNiTE how the installation is going to happen and what to do with the backup archives. All keys in this section are mandatory unless otherwise specified. The name of the keys under this section are case-sensitive. This means that package is different than PACKAGE and Package.

You can find a reference for all options in that section in the siteInfo section reference.

With the exception of the “Common options” discussed in the linked section, all other options are pass-through to ANGIE. This means that UNiTE itself does not understand their meaning and does not perform any validation on them. They are passed directly to ANGIE, the site restoration script which was included in your backup archive at backup time. ANGIE is extracted in the installation directory of your site. UNiTE hands over the execution of each restoration step to ANGIE; it's always ANGIE — included in your backup archive at backup time — performing the restoration as explained in Under the Hood. As a result some of the options documented below may NOT have an effect if you are restoring a backup archive taken with an older version of our backup software.