Q014 - Cannot create default output directory (Akeeba Backup for WordPress)


Your backup will not work when this message is displayed!

Akeeba Backup for WordPress 8.1.0 and later use the folder wp-content/backups as the default directory where backup archives will be written to. This folder does not exist by default; the plugin tries to create it upon first use.

You receive this message because it was not possible to create this folder automatically.

Usually, this happens due to permission and / or ownership issues on your site.

You can create this folder yourself.

  1. Using FTP, or your hosting control panel's file manager go into your site's wp-content folder.

  2. Create a folder named backups into it.

  3. Change the folder's permissions to 0777.

Please note that despite the open permissions, it is relatively safe to use them for the backup output directory. Akeeba Backup will let you disable the listing the contents of this folder next time you visit Akeeba Backup's main plugin page and ensure that your backup profile is configured in such a way as to not make it easy for an attacker to guess how to download backup archive files of your site.