Q103 - Maximum execution time is too low


Your backup may not run properly when this message is displayed

Akeeba Backup / Akeeba Solo has detected that the maximum execution time configured in your host's php.ini file is less than 10 seconds. This means that unless you specify a very low maximum execution time in the Configuration page your backup will most probably fail with a time out error, an AJAX Error or a blank page. Another side effect is that even though you will be able to backup your site, it will be very slow. Finally, backing up large files under this configuration may be problematic; make sure that you use the JPA Format as your preferred archiver engine in the Configuration page (this is the default setting).

You are advised to use the Configuration Wizard to let Akeeba Backup / Akeeba Solo automatically detect the maximum execution limit set up on your server and attempt to configure itself in a way which works around this limit.