Q105 - Log directory is the same as the site's root


Your backup will not work when this message is displayed!

This only applies to very old versions of Akeeba Backup for Joomla!.

Akeeba Backup has detected that your site's log directory is the same as the site's root. Akeeba Backup automatically excludes the files and folders included in the log directory from the backup. As a result, your backup will not contain any of your site's files, making it impossible to restore your site from this backup.

How to fix this issue

  1. Log in to your site's back-end.

  2. Go to the Site, System Information menu item

  3. Click on the PHP Information tab and search for SCRIPT_FILENAME

  4. Next to it you will see something like /home/users/myuser/public_html/administrator/index.php

  5. Replace /administrator/index.php with /logs and note that down. In our example this would result in /home/users/myuser/public_html/logs

  6. Go to the Site, Global Configuration menu item and click on the System tab.

  7. Find the Path to Log Folder option and paste the path from step 5 of these instructions (in our example, /home/users/myuser/public_html/logs) in the edit box, replacing any content in there

  8. Click on Save & Close


On some hosts you will have to append /log instead of /logs in step 5. This is especially true on hosts powered by Parallels Plesk or have otherwise designated the logs folder as a system directory which is not writeable by Joomla!. If you are unsure about that please ask your host.