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Admin Tools 7.1.4 Stable

Released on: 2022-03-28 04:01 CDT

What's new?

Bug fixes and miscellaneous changes. Please read the CHANGELOG below.

Joomla! and PHP versions supported

This version only runs on Joomla 4.

Please consult our Compatibility page. It explains our version support policy and lists which versions of our software are compatible with which versions of Joomla and PHP.


Bug fixes

  • [LOW] A “Show Inline Help” button is shown in .htaccess Maker but there never was any inline help or tooltips for it.
  • [LOW] Blocked Requests Log: Filtering by reason was not working (gh-272)

Release files

Admin Tools Core for Joomla 4

408.45 Kb

Joomla! 4.0 Joomla! 4.1 PHP 7.2 PHP 7.3 PHP 7.4 PHP 8.0 PHP 8.1

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