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Released on: 2024-01-03 07:10 CST

What's new?

WAF Exceptions now work with the Block Suspicious URL Parameters feature. Since this feature is likely to cause false positives on misbehaving extensions, we changed our WAF Exceptions feature to also override the Block Suspicious URL Parameters when an exception is matched.

Even better workaround for the Joomla! Database Maintenance page bug. The Database page in Joomla incorrectly claimed that Admin Tools' database tables where out of date, even though they were not. Even though we had removed the old update file Joomla! was tripping itself over, Joomla! would of course not remove it on upgrade (because Joomla; it doesn't make sense, it's how it works). We are now attacking this problem with a one-two punch. First, we have put back the file, but empty, so that Joomla! does not trip over it. Moreover, we have added post-update code to delete that very same file, doing what Joomla! would not do by itself. In case one workaround fails, the other will most likely work and rid you of this annoying problem.

Updated environment stats collection code. We base our decisions on how long to support End of Life PHP and Joomla! versions based on the anonymous, aggregate environment statistics we collect (the versions of our software, PHP, Joomla!, and database server you are using). We have updated the code which collects this information, modernising the “temporary solution” we had for the past ten years. Please remember that this feature is opt-out. If you want, you can always disable the collection of stats in the component's Options. We kindly ask you to leave it enabled; it's anonymous, and help us make better decisions about how long we support obsolete software. If you disable it, please don't complain that we stopped supporting an obsolete version you're still using since you literally chose to not count (we're stating this in the absolutely literal sense: disabling stats collection means your site is not in the aggregate count data we look into when making these decisions!).

Bug fixes and minor improvements. Please take a look at the CHANGELOG below.


Critical bugs and important changes

  • CSS compilation error

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