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Admin Tools 1.0.RC1 Release Candidate

Released on: 2010-10-04 02:30 CDT


New features
  • Emergency Off-Line Mode, for the unfortunate time your site has gotten hacked and you want to put it REALLY offline.
  • Master Password protection of individual features
  • Adding description to the IP black/white lists
Minor changes and additions
  • Small change in the CREATE TABLE of the customperms table
  • Now the administrator password protection displays a padlock icon indicating the status of this protection
  • The username and password fields do no longer get automatically filled by Firefox
  • If you haven't applied the administrator password protection you will not see a misleading "Remove password protection" button
  • Added Norwegian translation
Bug fixes
  • Improved, more permissive .htaccess Maker rule for images/stories
  • Bug in the breadcrumbs displayed in the "Permissions Configuration" page
  • Update was broken in Admin Tools Core due to unreplaced tokens in version.php
  • Current and latest Joomla! versions were swapped
  • Custom Permissions wouldn't work in the Core release due to a missing file