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Admin Tools 1.0 Stable

Released on: 2010-10-22 19:00 CDT


This is the short list of changes since our 1.0.RC2 (Release Candidate) release:

Added features

  • Added 0664 to the list of possible permissions
  • Showing current ownership & permissions in Permissions Configuration pages

Minor Changes

  • Database tools inner options moved to Control Panel page
  • Fix Permissions, Clean Temp-directory and Optimize DB now open in a lightbox
  • Eliminated JCustomFTP in favor of native JFTP class
  • Major rewrite of the .htaccess rules. Please regenerate your .htaccess file.

Bug Fixes

  • Clean Temp-directory wasn't limited by the Master Password feature
  • Couldn't download big Joomla! packages due to memory issues
  • Couldn't download Joomla! packages with an unwritable tmp directory
  • Couldn't download component update with an unwritable tmp directory
  • Clean Temp-directory would only remove subdirectories, not the files in the root of the Temp-directory
  • Ugly typo in SVN63 (flcose instead of fclose)
  • The module and plugin could cause a fatal error in PHP 5.1 hosts as json_decode and json_encode are not present
  • Trying very, VERY hard to find a suitable temporary directory when using the FTP mode
  • Warning thrown in Fix Permissions when an unreadable directory is encountered
  • Some back-end text areas had the wrong height
  • Some servers still require downloading to memory due to permissions configuration

Release files

Admin Tools Core

317.22 Kb

PHP 5.0 PHP 5.1 PHP 5.2 PHP 5.3 Joomla! 1.5

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