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Akeeba Solo (Standalone) 7.6.9 Stable

Released on: 2022-06-23 04:38 CDT

What's new?

Restoration: Warn about missing mysqli / PDO MySQL and REFUSE to proceed. The restoration script will now detect if you are missing all PHP extensions to access your database server compatible with your CMS. Instead of just displaying a message in the first page which people have been routinely ignoring it will also display a full page error when you try to proceed into the database restoration, explaining the problem, how to solve it and refusing to proceed any further.

Much improved FTP functions for uploading backup archives and transferring sites. The initial directory is now interpreted more loosely, similarly to what many FTP client software does. If left blank, the directory will be understood as relative to whichever default directory you get when connecting into FTP instead of the absolute filesystem root — but note that this is not recommended as changing the configuration of your FTP server may cause problems with downloading your backup archives and enforcing remote quotas! FTP copying is also improved, taking placing directly at the FTP server side isntead of requiring downloading and reuploading the file. Further to that, the FTP features now support usernames which look like emails (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) without complaining that the username or password is incorrect. Finally, the FTP methods going through cURL no longer fail if your site miscommunicates to our software that it has a proxy configuration when it really doesn't.

Explicit support for Divi. Divi creates the folder wp-content/et-cache. If this folder is included in the backup the restored site may appear broken beecause the cached template in that folder will point to files in the source site's absolute URL. In this version we are automatically excluding this folder, forcing Divi to regenerate the cached template files after accessing the restored site for the first time.

Bug fixes and minor improvements. Please take a look at the CHANGELOG below.

CMS and PHP versions supported

Please consult our Compatibility page. It explains our version support policy and lists which versions of our software are compatible with which versions of the supported CMS and PHP.


New features

  • Improved FTP/SFTP test connection feature
  • Restoration: Warn about missing mysqli / PDO MySQL and REFUSE to proceed

Bug fixes

  • [HIGH] Cannot download file from Amazon S3
  • [LOW] PHP Warning when backing up a database (purely cosmetic issue)

Release files

Akeeba Solo Core

2.91 Mb

PHP 7.2 PHP 7.3 PHP 7.4 PHP 8.0 PHP 8.1

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