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Akeeba Solo (Standalone) 8.0.0 Stable

Released on: 2023-09-29 00:00 CDT

What's new?

Minimum PHP version is now 7.4.0. We dropped support for PHP versions 7.2 and 7.3. According to our usage statistics, less than 5% of our clients are still on those versions, and they are on older versions of our software which they have not updated for a long time.

Using Composer to load all internal dependencies (AWF, backup engine, S3 library). There has been a deep refactoring of our software which will make it easier for us to maintain it in the future across all supported CMS and PHP versions.

Improved support for S3-compatible storage services. We have improved our software's compatibility with third party services and software implementing the Amazon S3 API, e.g. Wasabi, NextCloud etc. You can now use v2 or v4 signatures with these third party services and software without a problem.

Support for uploading to Shared With Me folders in Google Drive. Folders belonging to other users and which have been shared with you on Google Drive are not, actually, listed as folders of your Google Drive account. In fact, Google's documentation appears to imply that it is not possible to use them through the Google Drive API. We resorted to some reverse engineering and clever (or crazy; there's a fine line we might have crossed there!) workarounds to get access to those folders, and let you use them to upload backup archives into them. This is very useful for those of you who are given shared folders on clients' much roomier Google Drive accounts and would like to use them instead of clogging your own account with their sites' backups.

Improved runtime error messages. In the past you'd get a very unhelpful “(HTML containing script tags)” message when the server returned an HTML error page which included JavaScript code. This was for security reasons. Now that we have finally dropped support for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Classic we can use an API found in modern browsers which lets us sanitise these messages, removing all traces of JavaScript and formatting, letting you see a far more useful and informative error message.

Improved mixed– and upper–case database prefix support at backup time. We have long documented the problems with uppercase (e.g. FOOBAR) and mixed-case (e.g. FoObAr) database table names and database table name prefixes on Windows and macOS; that's a MySQL / MariaDB issue, not a bug in our software. We have now put code in place which can smartly detect most such configurations and automatically cope with it at backup time. This makes it possible to transfer a site with this kind of configuration between local servers running on Windows / macOS and live servers on Linux — and vice versa. You will no longer end up with unusable backups or duplicated tables. This is something that not even MySQLDump and MySQL Workbench, the official tools provided with MySQL itself, can do!

Bug fixes and minor improvements. Please take a look at the CHANGELOG below.


New features

  • Minimum PHP version is now 7.4.0
  • Support for uploading to Shared With Me folders in Google Drive
  • Using Composer to load all internal dependencies (AWF, backup engine, S3 library)
  • Workaround for Wasabi S3v4 signatures

Bug fixes

  • [MEDIUM] Resetting corrupt backups can cause a crash of the Control Panel page
  • [MEDIUM] Some transients need data replacements to take place in WP 6.3
  • [MEDIUM] Upload to S3 would always use v2 signatures with a custom endpoint.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Improved error reporting, removing the unhelpful "(HTML containing script tags)" message
  • Improved mixed– and upper–case database prefix support at backup time

Release files

Akeeba Solo Core

3.29 Mb

PHP 7.2 PHP 7.3 PHP 7.4 PHP 8.0 PHP 8.1 PHP 8.2

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