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Compatible with JPA, JPS & ZIP archives, PHP 5.4.0 and later. Extract your ZIP, JPA and JPS archives directly on your server. No need to upload thousands of files. Enjoy lightning-fast speed and reliability. Even on the vast majority of shared hosts. And it's provided free of charge!

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Top Features

Rocket speeds

FTP uploads take a lot of time, proportional to the number of files, not just their size. A small site consists of 6,000+ files. Why wait when you can only upload a two files? Upload Kickstart and your backup archive and restore your site in less than a third of the time!

Neat and flexible

Supporting direct file writing and FTP upload, Akeeba Kickstart can work on virtually every server. And when you're done restoring your site it will even remove itself and the backup archive.

Smooth and stealthy

Don't let the world see the restoration page while you're restoring your site! Kickstart's Stealth Mode will redirect everybody, except yourself, to a static HTML page until your site is restored and ready for prime time.

Full or partial

Let Kickstart only create new and replace existing files (default) or remove all of your site's files for a clean restoration.

Amazon S3 integration

PRO Download the backup archives directly from Amazon S3 to your site. No need for time consuming uploads and downloads through your computer.

Download from URLs

PRO Download backup archives directly from a URL. If it's web accessible, it's Kickstart-ready!

Install your favourite CMS

PRO You can use Kickstart to download and install your favourite CMS, be it Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or anything else that comes in a ZIP file.

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