JoomlaPack on Joomanuals

Joomanuals has recently began offering an opt-in JoomlaPack section in the manuals generated by their on-line Joomla! manual generation service. The JoomlaPack section consists of the basic information your clients need to know in order to successfully produce a current full site backup utilizing JoomlaPack.

Don't you know Joomanuals? It's a Joomla! manual generation service (English and German) by Lagoona. Trust me when I say that it's the nirvana of Joomla! site builders. You pay a small amount upfront, fill in a short questionnaire-like form and it generates a Joomla! site manual tailored to the site you have created for your client. What's more, it has a lot of screenshots and it even adds your company's logo on the pages. That's what a professional user's guide to a Joomla! site should really look like!

Note: is not affiliated with Joomanuals or Lagoona. The JoomlaPack section of Joomanuals is not endorsed or sponsored by This is not an advertisement, either. We find their service interesting and useful and we wanted to share it with you.

Video tutorials!

On popular request, we are launching a new section of video tutorials!

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JoomlaPack is a top 50!

JoomlaPack is one of the top 50 Joomla! Extensions as listed by the upcoming Wiley and Sons book, Joomla! Bible.

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