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Latest post by nicholas on Monday, 22 June 2020 00:36 CDT


Running WordPress 5.4.2

Admin Tools Pro 1.2.1

My WordPress site requires access to the Envato API but it appears to be blocked.

Tried to add a few exceptions to the WAF and have managed to get the error to change to this:


Failed to connect to the Envato API. Please contact the hosting providier with this message: "The Envato Market WordPress plugin requires TLS version 1.2 or above, please confirm if this hosting account supports TLS version 1.2 and allows connections from WordPress to the host".

Additional Error Details:
An error occured checking token permissions.
cURL error 35: OpenSSL SSL_connect: Connection reset by peer in connection to


I have tested my TLS and it is showing version 1.3

Are there other exception I need to create?

I have also been in contact with my hosting provider and they say that the TLS and site is clear.




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Admin Tools does not have anything to do with this. The error message tells me that either your server is running a PHP version whose CURL library was compiled against an obsolete version of a TLS library or the host has a firewall which prevents access to over HTTPS port 443. This is an issue way further up the stack than WordPress runs, let alone Admin Tools which runs inside WordPress.

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