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#38498 Can not login getting error message

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I am getting this error message when I try to login using wp-admin


Error thrown

Class 'Akeeba\AdminTools\Admin\Helper\Language' not found


It looks lioke it was auto updated on 1/17/23 according to version.php


Tried renaming main.php and not helping.


Host allows one restore in 24 hours and I had tried 1/31 so can't do anything again until tomorrow.


How can I go around this?  Thanks//


 * @package   admintoolswp
 * @copyright Copyright (c)2017-2023 Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos / Akeeba Ltd
 * @license   GNU GPL version 3 or later

define('ADMINTOOLSWP_PRO', '1');
define('ADMINTOOLSWP_VERSION', '1.6.0');
define('ADMINTOOLSWP_DATE', '2023-01-17');
define('ADMINTOOLSWP_MIN_PHP', '7.4.0');



Norman Berger

[email protected]

Akeeba Staff

Not all files have been copied over during the update. Apparently neither Joomla nor WordPress have figured out how to offer reliable updates for third party software. So, let's do this the harder, infinitely more reliable way.

Download the latest published version of Admin Tools Professional for WordPress from our site.

Extract the ZIP file. There's a folder admintoolswp.

Upload this extracted folder into your site's wp-content/plugins folder, overwriting existing files.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Thank you that fixed the issue for me.



Norman Berger

[email protected]