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#40405 Admin Tools – Internal Application Error Admin Tools has stopped responding due to an unhandled internal application error.

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Latest post by thenorthernoffice on Thursday, 07 March 2024 05:29 CST


Trying to activate the plugin.


We had a previous version (out dated) installed that wasuninstalled and replaced with Bullet Proof Security.  We renewed the Akeeba subscription, removed BPS and installed AdminTools.  When we try to activate or run any part of the plugin we get the error:


Admin Tools – Internal Application Error

Admin Tools has stopped responding due to an unhandled internal application error.

If you are a subscriber and need to request support please include all of the following information in your support request. Thank you!

Could not connect to MySQL.
<WordPress Root>/wp-content/plugins/admintoolswp/app/library/database/driver/mysqli.php (157)
Debug backtrace
#0 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Library\Database\Driver\Mysqli->connect()
#1 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Library\Database\Driver\Mysqli->escape()
#2 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Library\Database\Driver->quote()
#3 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Library\Database\Driver->__call()
#4 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Admin\Model\Stats->getCommonVariable()
#5 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Admin\Model\Stats->getSiteId()
#6 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Admin\Model\Stats->collectStatistics()
#7 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Admin\View\ControlPanel\Html->onBeforeDisplay()
#8 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Library\Mvc\View\Html->display()
#9 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Library\Mvc\Controller\Controller->display()
#10 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Admin\Controller\ControlPanel->display()
#11 /home/akcp/web/ Akeeba\AdminTools\Admin\Dispatcher\Dispatcher::route()
#12 /home/akcp/web/ AdminToolsWP::boot()
#13 /home/akcp/web/ WP_Hook->apply_filters()
#14 /home/akcp/web/ WP_Hook->do_action()
#15 /home/akcp/web/ do_action()
#16 {main}

Akeeba Staff

I have a suspicion. Please edit the file wp-content/plugins/admintoolswp/app/view/controlpanel/html.php and change line 115 from this

$this->statsIframe = $statsModel->collectStatistics(true);

to this:

// $this->statsIframe = $statsModel->collectStatistics(true);

Did that help?

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Other devs and dev co's ask why I use Akeeba for over 10 years.  Here's your answer!


Cheers Nick.  All fixed.