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#40478 IS there a way to use WPEngine's Local app with Akkeba Backup for Wordpress backup files

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We have been working with a neat product called Local for WPEngine that allows you to work on a site locally and allows import from a backup file of a site. We have tried to use a backup file from Akeeba Backup from Wordpress and it looks like its working *(gets 90% through the file) and then says that the file is incompatible. I am hoping that this is might eb that I have to change some setting in Akeeba to make it work. Is there a way to create a backup file in Akeeba that will work with Local ?





Akeeba Staff

I would be surprised if that's possible. Akeeba Backup archives are a complete archive with a copy of your files, your database dump, and a restoration script. The idea is that you just unpack it and it's ready to restore.

WPEngine seems to expect a kind-of backup archive with a copy of the site's files and a regular phpMyAdmin "dumb" dump of the database. Then they try to rework this data to restore the site, something our restoration script does far more elegantly but differently (since we know the intention at backup time and accommodate for it).

It's a lot like regular and unleaded gas. You can't use one in a car that expects the other.

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