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#37359 Removed password protection, but some users still are prompted with htaccess login

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Latest post by nicholas on Friday, 24 June 2022 01:32 CDT



I have encountered a strange issue.

On this site we formerly had the Admin Tools password protection applied on the /administrator folder for a long period. About 2 months ago we had to remove the protection. This was done by removing the .htaccess and .htpassword files from the directory. Since this change we do not see the htaccess login prompt anymore - as expected.

But now we have a strange issue with a (temporary) super user (located outside Europe) who can't reach the Joomla login page  because he is first prompted with an htaccess login box.

I can assure you that there is no .htaccess or .htpassword file present in the /administrator folder.

My guess is this is not Admin Tools related, but since we have used your feature on this site it's the only clue I have at this point. I have searched the documentation and the tickets for a similar situation but couldn't find one.

What could cause this issue?

Thanks in advance,

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Akeeba Staff

It's not related to Admin Tools. However, there are two things I can guess.

One, did you use your host's features to password a directory?

Two, maybe he's not getting a .htaccess login box, maybe he's getting a server protection page. For example, most cPanel hosts come with Immunify360 which asks you to solve a CAPTCHA to access the site if ti thinks your traffic is suspicious (which would makes sense if all of you are in Europe except that one person).

Bonus third guess: maybe you've installed a different extension which performs some kind of geofencing and asks for extra verification for users outside the allowed geographic regions? I don't know of such an extension but I can see is as something that can be plausibly written without too much effort.

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