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#38735 error on last ticket

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Latest post by toonetcreation on Thursday, 16 March 2023 03:56 CDT


Hi nicholas,


Regarding your answer on this ticket

Yes I know you do not provide support on Git, this is not the point.

The problem is : even If I create a .gitignore file inside /ww/tmp folder, then System - Admin Tools plugin remove it every time.

So, is there any workaround?

Thanks again


Akeeba Staff

What I am trying to say politely is that your lack of knowledge on how Git works constitutes neither a valid support request, nor a bug in our software. It is not covered by your support subscription. We only provide support for our software.

As you explicitly stated yourself, the feature in our software works correctly. It's supposed to delete the files in the site's temporary folder. It deletes the files in the site's temporary folder. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that you should not put a file you need to keep in the tmp folder OR you must not use this feature. You already know that, you told me you understand it, so there's really nothing for me to tell you about something which works correctly and you understand correctly. As a result, the problem is that you don't understand how to use Git. That's what I understood the first time, and now in this second time.

As I told you, you do need to read up on .gitignore. I was not being dismissive, it's really what you need to do! Maybe, read a tutorial for beginners: Then, the solution is obvious.

Create the .gitignore file in the repository's root (in your case, this is the site's root) so it is not getting deleted automatically. Halfway done.

Add the line


to the .gitignore. This excludes the files inside your tmp folder. Yes, it also excludes the tmp folder itself because Git does not index and commit folders, it indexes and commits file differences. For the same reason this won't magically remove temporary files from your live sites. If this is not obvious, sorry, you need to read more about how Git works — and maybe you'll realise why using Git to deploy CMS-based sites is not the best of ideas.

Finally, add the .gitignore file in your repository.



Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

🇬🇷Greek: native 🇬🇧English: excellent 🇫🇷French: basic • 🕐 My time zone is Europe / Athens
Please keep in mind my timezone and cultural differences when reading my replies. Thank you!


thanks for your detailed feedback.

I never said I'm a Git expert but I know how the software works, and I already did what you told me....of course this is obvious.

I was asking you (akeeba) to get another point of view because I think there is an issue...

I agree with you about managing CMS websites with Git and this is not what I'm doing exactly.
I'm using Git "just" to save test package and I'm using a Git deployed by my hosting provider (not on GitLab or GitHub).

So I think there is a problem coming from the Git deployed by hosting provider and not from Git binary itself or admin tools.

But, what I am trying to say politely, it is : sometimes, and from my own experience, when a problem occurs, it's better to ask and share ideas to look on many directions, instead of being focus only on one single idea (probably wrong).

Often, the devil is hidden in the details....

many thanks again four help and support.

have a nice day.


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