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#39851 .htaccess created by htaccess maker broke teh backend

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Latest post by crazyhorse on Monday, 20 November 2023 03:10 CST


Yesterday afternoon when I logged into my site’s backend very little works. The front end seems to be unaffected. I can get to home dashboard but the only button that works at the top is the one that takes you to the front end. I can’t even log out as the user menu doesn’t work. On the left side bar, the only one that works is system and that gives a very different view to normal. From there I can get to global configuration but that only has the site tab and the save buttons don’t work.


Using inspect I found 

class="js_modInvalidatecach header-item-content" title="Invalidate Cache" data-token="0b10f9aee99d933673c5bfaa50c08a21" data-url="" disabled><div class="header-item-icon" aria-hidden="true"><div class="w-auto"><svg aria-hidden="true" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 297 297" style="width: 1rem; height:1rem; fill: currentColor"><title>Bin</title><defs/>
<path d="M216.979 150.445c-24.601 0-44.615 20.014-44.615 44.615s20.014 44.615 44.615 44.615c24.6 0 44.615-20.014 44.615-44.615s-20.014-44.615-44.615-44.615zm21.889 56.965a6.747 6.747 0 010 9.539 6.729 6.729 0 01-4.769 1.975 6.729 6.729 0 01-4.769-1.975l-12.35-12.35-12.35 12.35c-1.317 1.316-3.044 1.975-4.769 1.975s-3.452-.659-4.769-1.975a6.747 6.747 0 010-9.539l12.35-12.35-12.352-12.35a6.747 6.747 0 010-9.539 6.749 6.749 0 019.539 0l12.35 12.35 12.35-12.35a6.749 6.749 0 019.539 0 6.747 6.747 0 010 9.539l-12.35 12.35 12.35 12.35zM227.354 59.832c-.001-10.822-8.806-19.626-19.628-19.626H55.033c-10.822 0-19.626 8.804-19.626 19.626v18.244h191.948V59.832zM216.979 136.957c1.233 0 2.454.052 3.668.128l2.716-45.521h-47.368v62.351c10.515-10.473 25.004-16.958 40.984-16.958zM103.885 13.488h54.99v13.229h13.488V6.744A6.743 6.743 0 00165.619 0H97.14a6.743 6.743 0 00-6.744 6.744v19.973h13.488V13.488z" />
<path d="M175.994 273.748c0 5.393-4.372 9.764-9.764 9.764a9.763 9.763 0 01-9.764-9.764V91.564h-50.173v182.184c0 5.393-4.372 9.764-9.764 9.764a9.763 9.763 0 01-9.764-9.764V91.564H39.398l11.881 199.094A6.744 6.744 0 0058.01 297h146.739a6.744 6.744 0 006.732-6.342l2.243-37.591c-14.686-.815-27.934-7.104-37.73-16.862v37.543z" />
</svg></div></div><div class="header-item-text">Invalidate Cache</div></a></div><div class="header-item"><a href="" class="header-item-content" title="Open frontend of --- in a new window." target="_blank">
<div class="header-item-icon">


To recover I took the latest backup and restored to a different subdomain. on that recovered site I regenerated a .htaccess file from admin tools and that worked fine. I copied the .htaccess file generated in the recovered site to the broken site and that worked.
I am attaching a copy of the .htaccess file which breaks the backend. 
I have been using admin tools or many hears and this is the first time generating a .htaccess has caused problems. It is most likely i have done something wrong and like to know what that is.
thnaks you.

 Old and mostly in the way

Akeeba Staff

Admin Tools' .htaccess Maker is deterministic. The same configuration will always lead to the same output.

Based on the fact that restoring the backup fixed your issue, and further regeneration of the .htaccess had no ill-effects, it stands to reason that you had misconfigured something in the .htaccess Maker OR your Global Configuration without realising, and probably without noticing.

Based on the nature of your problem, it appears that you had set the $live_site in your configuration.php file but were also trying to use the non-www to www redirection (or vice-versa) which will definitely break JavaScript.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Thank you Nicholas, I will look closely at that and try better to understand, relieved that is is my error.

 Old and mostly in the way

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