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#40030 DB Error with Admin Tools Professional 4.7.6

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Latest post by hegiBFB on Sunday, 24 December 2023 15:50 CST


With Joomla 5.0.1 and Akeeba Admin Tools Pro 7.4.4 there is no database error.
When I update Admin Tools Pro from version 7.4.4 to version 7.4. 6, the database error occurs:
Table 'jom5_admintools_log' has wrong type or wrong attributes for column 'reason' with type enum('other','admindir','awayschedule','adminpw','ipwl','ipbl','sqlishield','antispam','tpone','tmpl','wafblacklist','template','muashield', 'csrfshield', 'badbehavior', 'geoblocking', 'rfishfield', 'dfishield', 'uploadshield', 'xssshield', 'httpbl', 'loginfailure', 'securitycode', 'sessionshield', 'external', 'nonewadmins', 'nonewfrontendadmins', 'configmonitor', 'phpshield', '404shield', 'itemidshield'). (From the file 7.1.1-20220209.sql.)

If I select Admin Tools Professional in the dashboard under System/Updates/Update Sources and click on "Actions/Activate" and then go to System/Maintenance/Database/Admin Tools and click on "A problem", the error message (From file 7.1.1-20220209.sql.) changes to (From file 7.4.5-20231214.sql.). If I then click on "Admin Tools/Repair", the display 7.4.5-20231214.sql jumps back to 7.1.1-20220209.sql and the error persists.


Akeeba Staff

This is a Joomla! bug and a purely cosmetic issue. There's nothing more we can do about it.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Does this mean that you have to live with this database error as long as Joomla and Admin Tools Pro exist?



Following your explanations in post #40008, I have checked the settings on my website.
In the file "administrator/components/com_admintools/src/Model/UpgradeModel.php" the entry "7.1.1-20220209.sql" is in row 287. I have changed it manually to "7.4.5-20231214.sql".
In the database, in the table jom5_admintools_log in the row "reason" the entry "susparm" was missing at the end of the row. I have added it manually.
In administrator/components/com_admintools/sql/updates/mysql/7.1.1-20220209.sql I renamed the file 7.1.1-20220209.sql and the database error has disappeared.


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