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#36252 Jjomla V4 install - lost all CSS

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Just built a new JV installation. Installed Admin Tools no problem.

Installed Akeen backup and now the site is not loading CSs for the front or back end.



eventually and tried to uninstall Akeeba backup but twhiost teh buttons are there they dont work.

I shouldn't need to start again....

I suppose i could try to delete Akeeba backup from the database.. but that is the last resoprt before having to rebuild the whole thing ...

You can see the front end here

and the backend

I cant send you a log filre...



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Akeeba Staff

Akeeba Backup does not load in the frontend of your site. Whatever problem you have seems to be unrelated to it.

I see that you are getting a 404 Not Found for the CSS and JS. Have you tried replacing the contents of the .htaccess of your file with the contents of the htaccess.txt file provided with Joomla?

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Will try soonest .. having problems because of the weather has taken out my main internet connection and the stupid browsers (Firefox & Google chrome) are not letting me access the site because its not SSL.

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Ok, managed to give the site a ssl certificate.. (but must fix the browser telling me what it will and will not allow me to do!)


Deleted the .htaccess which was labelled as

### ===========================================================================
### Security Enhanced & Highly Optimized .htaccess File for Joomla!
### automatically generated by Admin Tools 7.0.8 on 2021-12-01 15:41:25 UTC
### Auto-detected Apache version: 2.5 (best guess)
### ===========================================================================

and it made no difference.

Renamed httaccess.txt to .htaccess  

# @package Joomla
# @copyright (C) 2005 Open Source Matters, Inc. <>
# @license GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see LICENSE.txt

And that made no difference either.

Interestingly  tells me "Warning! Internet Explorer should not be used for proper operation of the Administrator Backend." in both chrome and Firefox. 

Something gone badly wrong.


Another thing I don't understand is that when installing ii set the table prefix to aqjv4_,   but the tables are prefixed io1gd_

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The issue is that the site only failed, immediately after I installed akeeba backup. the only other extension I had installed following installing J4 on a completely empty site, completely empty database was admin tools. Maybe it was just a glitch and I will just have to blow everything away and try again.

I noted the process I followed contemporaneously:

Create subdomain

Create new Directory /xxxx

Create MySql 5.7 Database

Create SFTP Account

Set up Filezilla

Download latest Joomla Version 4

Install Joomla 4.0.4

Site name: xxx

Super user: xxx

SU Username: xxxx

SU Email: xxx

Install Admin Tools Professional

Update PHP to 8.0.13

Admin Tools Professional - Fix permissions

Admin Tools Professional - Clean Temp Directory

Admin Tools Professional - Repair & Optimise tables

Akeeba Backup Professional

Site CSS not loading back or front end

Akeeba ticket raised

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Ok,. So I built another site form scratch, starting with an empty directory & empty database. Installed akeeba backup first (and took a backup!) and no problems. Installed admnin tools and lost CSS on the front end (not the backend), deleted the security tightening .htaccess and front end CSS back. reinstated the security tightening .htaccess and CSS still present.

System backend tells me that thert are data base issues with admin tools:

Error: Table 'dbs4986799.u8rm9_admintools_waftemplates' doesn't exist

Warning: There are tables not up to date!

Clicked on update structure and bang CSS gone again.

Looks likle that it was the "Admin Tools Professional - Repair & Optimise tables" that bust the other site.

Another hour of my life gone...



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Akeeba Staff

Akeeba Backup does not load in the frontend of your site. A couple of replies ago you were convinced this was the problem even though I told you it's not the case. Between the two of us only one has been developing and doing support for this software for 15 years and knows how servers work. But we'll get back to that later.

Your newest arbitrary assumption is just as wrong as all of the previous ones. Admin Tools' Repaid and Optimize ables, as documented, only asks your database server to run the commands literally called REPAIR TABLE and OPTIMIZE TABLE. These do NOT have anything to do at all with your site's static files.

If you actually read my replies and used common sense you would not be wasting your time and my time.

I already told you that I could see that you were getting a 404 Not Found error for the CSS and JavaScript static files. This means that the actual URLs generated by your PHP code are correct but something on your web server, not PHP, prevents them from loading.

What you are focusing on is 100% on the PHP side of your site which has nothing at all to do with your problem.

Getting a 404 on a static file whose path I checked and coincides with what is should be for the Cassiopeia template tells me that it can be exactly one of the following problems:

1. The file is legitimately not there.

2. The file is blocked either by a .htaccess rule or by wrong ownership/permissions. Now, you say, this should be a 403 Forbidden, not a 404 Not Found. Yes, but if your server is configured to have custom error pages (default in cPanel) and these custom error page files do not exist (also default in cPanel!) you get a 404 instead.

I asked you to replace the .htaccess because it's the easiest of the three checks we have to do in this case. You have already proven it's not the .htaccess. Therefore it's not something generated by Admin Tools. Akeeba Backup doesn't touch this file except in the context of a restoration and ONLY if you tell it so; this wasn't the case so scratch that too.

The next step is checking whether the files are there and can be read at all (the latter tested by downloading them and checking if their contents are non–empty). Yeah, yeah, you didn't delete them. However, we've seen servers screwing up and deleting files or making them inaccessible when the filesystem is very full and/or corrupt and you try to write a bunch of files, like what happens when Joomla installs an extension! This would explain why you say that the problem happened immediately after installing Akeeba Backup — even though I have my reservations about whether your recollection of “immediately after” is accurate.

If this is not the case we have debunked the “immediately after installation” claim and we are left with the final possibility: ownership and permissions. Did you run Fix Permissions in Admin Tools? Depending on the ownership of your files and the permissions you chose to apply it may have resulted in rendering your static files inaccessible. Remember that PHP and the web server process may be running under a different user, same for either of them and FTP/SFTP. If you are unsure, ask your host about it.

Kindly note that we are here because you asked me for technical support on the basis that I know more about the software and how servers work than you do. If you are here to be passive aggressive, ignore me, do random things which make it impossible to know the state of your site between each reply and make arbitrary assumptions in stark contrast with objective reality I can not help you.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

🇬🇷Greek: native 🇬🇧English: excellent 🇫🇷French: basic • 🕐 My time zone is Europe / Athens
Please keep in mind my timezone and cultural differences when reading my replies. Thank you!


I apologise and i am sorry to bother you .. I can assure you I was not being "passive aggressive" just old and frustrated. I thought I had tried all that you told me to do. But I will try again. I thought it was significant that it only failed when I clicked on update structure to fix and that there were admin tools database errors. 

I don't know how to identify the missing files. I can't understand what caused the files to give a 404, what was it that i did that i should not have done, and how I can restore the files. 

I am trying my best and am really sorry that I have upset you.



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