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#9145 Conflict between CLI and ArtioSEF - JSON decoding error

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Latest post by nicholas on Thursday, 10 November 2011 01:38 CST

Mandatory information about my setup:

Have I read the related troubleshooter articles above before posting (which pages?)? No articles suggested
Have I searched the forum before posting? Yes
Have I read the documentation before posting (which pages?)? Yes - CLI info, Quick Start guide, Backup guide
Joomla! version: 1.5.18; 1.5.15; 1.5.8
PHP version: 5.2.16; 5.2.4;
MySQL version: (unknown)
Host: Salsa Internet (Melbourne, Australia)
Akeeba Backup version: 3.3.6

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Description of my issue:
Hi Akeeba staff!

This is a bit complex as there are 3 sites under management, but I will try and make this as simple as possible.

We are having issues getting Akeeba CLI to work correctly with 2 out of the 3 sites. We are 99% certain this is related to the ArtioSEF module installed on all sites. Versions of both Joomla and ArtioSEF vary between these sites (out of our control, unfortunately - controlled by host), Akeeba is the same version throughout.

Manual backup works without any issues on all sites.

I will break these down for you as clearly as possible:

Site 1:
Joomla 1.5.8
ArtioSEF 3.2.0
Manual backup: Works fine
CLI backup: Works fine
CLI upgrade: Works fine

Site 2:
Joomla 1.5.15
ArtioSEF 3.3.5
Manual backup: Works fine
CLI backup:
Command: php remote.phar --action=backup --host="http://[masked]" --secret=[masked]
Reports: Error 500 - JSON decoding error
CLI upgrade:
Command: php remote.phar --action=update --host="http://[masked]" --secret=[masked]
Reports: Error 500 - JSON decoding error

Site 3:
Joomla 1.5.18
ArtioSEF 3.8.1
Manual backup: Works fine
CLI backup:
Command: php remote.phar --action=backup --host="http://[masked]" --secret=[masked]
Reports: Error 500 - JSON decoding error
CLI upgrade:
Command: php remote.phar --action=update --host="http://[masked]" --secret=[masked]
Reports: Error 500 - JSON decoding error

Troubleshooting steps taken:
- Akeeba forum/documentation research - initial research suggested the SEF module could be interferring.
References found:
- Configuration changes - On Site 3 I was able to extensively test configurations of ArtioSEF for troubleshooting. While I was unable to find any configuration that allowed backups to take place (included explicitely excluding the Akeeba directory and module areas from SEF processing), turning off the ArtioSEF module completely allowed CLI based backups to process without error.
- ArtioSEF forum/documentation research - nothing relating to Akeeba was found in ArtioSEF documentation.

I'm sure the setting is somewhere within Artio but I can't find it anywhere - perhaps it's something else, really stuck here.

If you guys are able to help in any way, please let me know! I'm happy to send through admin credentials if you require them.


- Andrew

Akeeba Staff
Hello Andrew,

The problem is on the ArtioSEF side. FWIW, the same problem also happens with AceSEF. Both of them unilaterally decided that it's a good idea to modify incoming request parameters. What happens is that Remote CLI has to access a special URL with a query parameter called JSON. In it we place the JSON-encoded data structure which tells Akeeba Backup what action we need it to execute. All SEF components (except sh404SEF, after a fix one year ago) intercept the json query parameter and corrupt its content, effectively disabling Akeeba Backup's remote API. Unfortunately, I can't really do anything about that :( SEF components are not supposed to modify incoming parameters and, even if they do, they OUGHT to give a workaround!

So, once again, I will have to restate my form belief on SEF components: they suck. They do too much, they cause a lot of trouble and, in the end of the day, search engines don't care about your URLs anymore. Content is king, not URLs. It's much better for SEO focusing on page metadata and quality, frequently updated content.

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