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#8956 – Auto Deletion of Old Backup Files on Dropbox

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Monday, 25 July 2011 18:08 CDT
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Joomla! version: 1.5.23
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Akeeba Backup version: 3.3.1

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Description of my issue:

I use Dropbox as the external target for backups. Dropbox is filling up with backed up data and I want the backup tool to autodelete old files. Could you please advise how to do this?


Tuesday, 26 July 2011 00:51 CDT

Unfortunately, Dropbox does not have an API, so autodeletion of files via Akeeba Backup is not possible at this time. If you are syncing dropbox to your local drive on your PC, you can control the number of file on the dropbox account by deleting files local that you want deleted on the dropbox account.

Also, read this thread as it does give this information plus another possibility of how to use Dropbox for quota management:
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