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I've just added a web application firewall to a website and it sets up a number of rules in .htaccess. At least once a month, I have to take a copy of the website on to my development server where it has a different URL (xxx.local instead of

A number of the rules in the .htaccess file forbid access unless coming from the original URL.

Would it be possible to put something into Angie at the substitution phase to replace stuff in the .htaccess file - specifically strings which look loke -> xxx.local
xxx\.co\.uk -> xxx\.local
xxx\ -> xxx\.local


Akeeba Staff
ANGIE already does that in the Replace Data step :) By default it only includes replacement pairs in the form ==>
whereas you need
old-domain\.com ==> new-domain\.com
Note the backslash before the dot. That's called an "escaped dot". This is necessary because .htaccess RedirectRule lines operate on regular expressions, not simple strings, where the straight up dot has a different meaning.

You just need to add the replacement pair with the escaped dot in the list of replacements and ANGIE will do what you asked.

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Ah - OK, I'll give it a try. Thanks

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